Zigzag Hack

Get the highest score with this all new Zigzag hack! Use this hack to generate unlimited score whenever you want. The tool is completely undetectable with the use of our free proxies and anti ban system. Break the high score on any device. From iOS, Android, Windows or Mac. This tool has been developed after one of the players found a glitch/ bug and reported this to us. We have been able to view some of the code behind this game and create a working program that injects an account to change the number of score.

On top of this, we have added free proxies and an anti ban system which makes sure that no one will know you’ve used this hack. It is completely undetectable. We do advice people not to generate unrealistic amounts of they want to keep it believable. No one has ever gotten banned from using the tool though. If you have any suggestions then feel free to let us know. We will certainly look at it! You can use this tool for as long as it is still working. We don’t ask any money for it so it is free. It is possible the hack will be patched but as of posting this it is still working. We will remove this post if it gets fixed. Enjoy the hack while it still lasts!


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If the link above doesn't unlock, try this alternative one

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