uTorrent Download

uTorrent download

Thanks to the advance of technology people are able to share files over the internet on daily basis. The internet connection speeds are getting faster and the sharing of files has never been easier. One of the easiest and most reliable ways to share files is by using torrents and the most popular program for this job is uTorrent.
This program is so small that you won’t notice when it was downloaded after you’ve clicked the download button. However the size doesn’t affect its abilities and you will have the opportunity to get the best from the seeders sharing the file that you need. uTorrent is very easy to use and surprisingly beautiful. What is very important is that it doesn’t require much system resources. Many other torrent clients tend to slow down the work of the browser or other programs that you are using while downloading a torrent. uTorrent doesn’t cause problems like that at all.

The developer of uTorrent has invented a so-called uTorrent protocol which allows the program to observe the internet traffic density and it slowdowns the speed of the torrent download in order to allow other programs that use internet to work properly. Once there is no other internet activity the download and upload speed is back to the maximum.
uTorrent is constantly being upgraded and once in few months there is an upgraded version of this program. The program itself will remind you about the possible upgrades. uTorrent comes with a handy option to search for torrents over the internet, so you don’t have to use your browser to find the torrent that you need. It also comes with a useful RSS option. Operating uTorrent is very easy and adding, starting, pausing or removing a torrent from uTorrent won’t take more than few seconds.

Utorrent download

Those who are looking for a way to optimize their download experience will find the uTorrent guide and help files very useful. According to many experts in this field, uTorrent is by far the best free torrent client.

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