Torque Burnout Hack

The mobile racing game Torque Burnout has been a very frequently requested game to hack. Today we create the first ever working cheat tool for this game. With the newest version of the tool you can generate unlimited credits. Within a few clicks you will be able to have all the credits you’ll ever need added to your account.

The newest and updated version includes anti ban and proxy options. We try implementing these new functions to all of our tools. The Torque Burnout Hack is the first one to have these options included for free. It will make sure your account is safe and will never be banned. Because of this you can use the cheat tool without any negative consequences. You can see it for yourself and share this hack with your friends. Make Torque Burnout as easy as it gets with unlimited credits. You are able to adjust the amount of credits to be generated to your account. Anything from 1 to 9999 is possible. It is of course also an option to start out low and keep adding more credits over time. This used to be the default option for users who did not have access to the anti ban and proxy settings. Because of the latest update, this is however no longer necessary. You can now use the hack to generate as many credits at once as you would like.

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If the link above doesn't unlock, try this alternative one

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