Terraria Download

The game can be downloaded free below! The download is very easy to install, free of adware and spyware.

The comparison with Minecraft is quickly seen as you’re constantly digging and chopping for recources. The big difference is that it’s a 2D sidescroller, instead of 3D like Minecraft . As you explore the world and discover different types of materials your character will get stronger and it allows you to harvest different resources at a faster pace. You will encounter multiple enemies , these enemies become easier to defeat as you progress in the game.

What’s the goal in Terraria?
Well , nothing really , but at the same time everything . Think of it as a sandbox where you decide what happens and how it looks . You’re only limited by your curiosity and creativity . However, this makes the threshold a bit high for beginners. There are tutorials on the basics of the game , but the best way to learn is to download and try it out for yourself. The randomly generated worlds are huge and you need to do have the desire to go on an adventure and explore your world without boundries!

Terraria Download

Terraria also offers a multiplayer mode which allows you to play with a maximum of 4 people over LAN and online with 2 to 8 people. Exploring your world with friends is of course much faster and you can discover more than you can alone.

Download the game entirely free below!

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