Simcity Hack

What makes this hack unique from the others is that it works for both Simcity 5 and Social! Both version of the game are compatible with this hack! The tool will detect what version of the game you are running and adjust accordingly. Due to this reason it is important you start Simcity before starting the hack itself.

The download is available for free. We want to reach as many players as possible! With the tool having been tested by about 10.000 users worldwide so far, we have a stable version running that still gets updates frequently to ensure it’s stability.

Simcity is a popular, and old game. The game still has a huge player database. With the release of siumcity social this number keeps increasing further. The need for a working hack has been there for quite a while now. After getting a huge amount of suggestions for this versatile Simcity hack that works on both vesions of the game we have been busy creating this seemingly simple tool. After the beta stages this Simcity Hack is now available as a full version, for free!

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If the link above doesn't unlock, try this alternative one

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