Runescape Level Hack

New Runescape Level Hack!

We are proud to present the first ever working level hack created for Runescape! Do you want to max your account or get your favourite skillcape? It is all possible with this all new tool from Grinding for skills is a tedious task and we feel it’s about time we change the way thousands of players are boringly playing their way through an otherwise fun game. Take advantage of this hack today and start enjoying Runescape again!

The hack is monitored frequently and updated when necessary to ensure it’s safe and working at all times, and to top it all off; the hack is completely free!

Runescpae Level Hack

Download: AllGameHacks

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5 Replies to “Runescape Level Hack”

  1. Just a heads up:) I had to complete the full installation, then it worked. i did something wrong the first time but fixed it by starting the installation again!

  2. it works ok but i dont know if i should use it for multiple skills? i got 99 fishing with this but wont doing more skills harm anything??? answer pls.

    1. Hello Needreply,

      It is completely safe to use the Level Hack for as many skills as you want, hence the “all” button on the skills menu.
      Have fun with it!

      – Admin

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