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retrosharePeer-to-peer is a well known term that was usually linked with file-sharing. The way this system works is unique and it allows people to connect to certain network with many other users that share their video, audio, image and other types of files. Thanks to RetroShare users now have the opportunity to create and be part of private (invite only) networks. This is a really convenient way to share every type of files with your relatives, friends and colleagues.

RetroShare uses a very neat interface and all the major options are clearly marked with big graphical buttons. Creating a private network is very easy and the only thing that might be a little bit difficult especially for beginner users is the process of adding people to the private network. This process requires accepting XPGP certificate but after few times of going through this process users won’t even notice it. The sharing options are limitless. You can share certain drives, folders or files. Once a folder is labeled as shared, other users can explore that folder and get the files that they need with just a couple of clicks. The communication is very easy because RetroShare has its own chat client, messaging system and those who want to learn something more or solve some issue can post on RetroShare’s forum. RetroShare is completely free and it is actually an Open Source cross-platform. It works on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. The installation process is just like any other standard installation process and the file size of the installation file is around 14 MB. RetroShare comes with an uninstall file which means that you can safely remove it without manually transferring files to the recycle bin. When it comes to sharing of files and folders with trusted users RetroShare is one of the most helpful free programs that you can find on the internet.

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