With the advance of technology the paper sticky notes have come to a new level. There are many computer programs that substitute the traditional role of paper sticky notes and PNotes is one of the most successful ones. The developer has clearly considered all the aspects of creating a useful sticky note computer version. PNotes is more than a regular sticky note program. PNotes can be found on the lower right part of the screen or in the system tray to be more precise. Once you right-click on the unique icon you will find numerous options. Of course, the “New Note” option is most important and when you click on it you will get a new sticky note ready for you to write your ideas and anything that you might need to remember later.

The writing style is adjustable and you can choose various fonts and sizes as well as colors and even highlight the text. In order to remember that you have written some important note there is an alert option. You can set a reminder and PNotes will notify you whenever you choose too. These notifications may be set to certain intervals. If you are writing notes for different things you can group them and organize them by using some of the options that PNotes has to offer. Even if you have a large number of notes you can find them easily because PNotes has a great search engine. You can choose traditional yellow notes and if you want to spice up the things a little bit you can download different skins. PNotes doesn’t have an installation file and it comes in a ZIP file with size of 1.27 MB.

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