paintstarPaintStar is an image editing software used mainly for photo retouching, creation of compositions, mage morphing and production of vignettes. Besides that it also has all the usual tools and options found in other programs used for image editing. It was first introduced on the market in 2007 but there were many upgrades since then and the current version of this useful program is 2.7. Although there are many other image editing programs on the market you can rarely find one that is so versatile. Rather than focusing on one field of image editing PaintStar is trying to cover all image editing needs for both beginner and advanced users. On top of that, paintStar has user friendly interface making it very easy for novice users to handle it.

As mentioned before PaintStar includes some standard transformation tools like scaling, shearing, rotating, flipping, wrapping etc. It also comes with a high quality gradient fill tools such as radial, square, conical, linear and shapeburst. In order to perform the whole job more easily you can use histograms. Besides working with standard image file formats like JPEG, PNG and GIF PaintStar works with more than 30 other popular image file formats. The biggest advantage of PaintStar is the numerous filters and effects that it has. With over one hundred effects and filters you will be able to edit your image in any way you want. Finally, this program has a thumbnail option for selected image in windows explorer which can be very helpful for those who don’t want to open every file separately. PaintStar is completely free and it works with all Windows editions. It doesn’t take much space (around 2.5 MB) and doesn’t require high performance computers in order to work properly. You can easily use it simultaneously with other programs because it doesn’t use much CPU.

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