nLite Sometimes they can interfere with other programs that you have downloaded for the simple fact that Windows treats them as default programs in dealing with certain types of files.
The logical solution for this problem is uninstalling them using remove programs option via Control Panel. But many of them cannot be deleted by using this method and that’s where nLite comes to the picture.

nLite helps users remove those unnecessary Windows components for good. Besides, this application you will also need to use the Windows Installation CD in order for this process to be successful. nLite requires creating a ISO image or any other type of bootable Windows image where you will have a version of Windows only with the components that you are actually using. The advice of the developer is to use this program only if you are an advanced Windows user who knows what he is doing. Using this program in an improper way can lead to creation of malfunctioning ISO image and problems with the proper functioning of Windows OS.The program comes with a complete guide for creating a working ISO image and if all the instructions are followed correctly the created ISO file can be used by anyone regardless of their knowledge about Windows.

In order for this program to run properly you will need .NET Framework 1.1. This freeware program has a size of only 2.9 MB and it works on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista. Latest stable version was introduced in 2013 and the fist version was released in 2006 which means that the improvement of this program is an ongoing process.
If you are looking for a way to create customized Windows, nLite is the best option for you.

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