Club Penguin Puffle Hat Adder

This Club Penguin Puffle Hat Adder is free to use and does not require a survey! Generate an unlimited amount of puffle hats. You can decide which one to add! Even the rarest hats are available. You can even get a rockhopper santa hat. You don’t have to be afraid of your account getting banned because not a singe player has ever gotten banned form using this generator. This is currently the most popular Club Penguin Puffle Hat Adder. It’s free,no survey, and can be downloaded instantly just below!

The image below shows what the hack looks like. As you can see it’s a very no nonsense design. Easy to understand and straightforward to use. Just decide and select which puffle hat you want to generate and let the hack do all the work. After picking your hat it should be added to your account instantly. No wait time is required.

If for some reason your hats aren’t added instantly then please refresh Club Penguin. You can do so by re logging. Logging out and back in again should result in the Puffle hats being added to your account right away. If you have any questions or feedback then feel free to let us know! All Puffle hats are available and updates with each weekly update. New hats are added constantly! Download the CP Hat Adder below!

club penguin puffle hat adder

cp puffle hat AllGameHacks

If the link above doesn't unlock, try this alternative one

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