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Bitvo Download Bitvo is a handy program that allows users to download images, video and audio files from entire web pages. Bitvo can be used by any user without any IT knowledge. However it is always a good idea to watch the online video guide that can be found on the developer’s website. The toolbar has four large buttons on it and each tool has help tips in order to make the whole process easier. All users need to do is enter a URL of the webpage they need to extract media from and click the download button. The program is very fast and it will download all the video, audio and images very quickly and place them in the Bitvo download folder.

With the help of the control panel you can choose what Bitvo should extract by selecting file types or writing the keyword. There are check boxes for each type of file and a space where the keyword that needs to be excluded or included in the process can be typed. A big advantage of Bitvo is that you can schedule an automatic check of certain URLs and the program will download any new file that appears on that URL.

Bitvo is developed in a way that makes this program completely invulnerable to malware, spyware and virus attacks. It can independently choose the right files instead of fake ones that continue these viruses and possibly dangerous files. Bitvo will save a great deal of time for those who need to scrap different type of media files daily. Furthermore, Bitvo avoids history, caching and cookies and runs in a complete stealth browser mode.
This freeware program has a size of 87.8 MB and it runs on every Windows version. The only thing that is required in order for this program to run properly besides Windows is Java version 1.5 or higher.

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